Monday, January 26, 2009

So I had a thought tonight... Shut up! I have lots of thoughts! Oh, sorry. I'm used to defending myself at home and work against seemily witty sarcasm :)

I was thinking... Maybe I should try and plan some of my meals the day before, so I can cut out some calories before I have even eaten anything. For example, I might be so hungry as I am making the food I will make more than I need... Or put on extra condiments. So tomorrow I have already made my breakfast and lunch!

So I haven't planned dinner yet, but I am thinking that it might involve some fake eggs :)

I don't know if this is a good plan yet or not. But I think that my delicious bagel sandwich for 165 calories will be a lot better than the peanut butter crackers that I usually eat for breakfast, though the crackers are 15 calories less.

It's funny -- I don't know if any members of PBS are reading this blog - I know a few have checked it out, but I don't think that they are regular readers. Yesterday someone posted a link in the forum about "The Skinnies" people who eat heavily calorie restricted diets. I followed a link a few post later, and it was an artice about a person who lived a severely calorie restricted diet for a couple of months.

Honestly, from what was said in the article, I am eating about the same amount of calories as them, and sometimes less. I don't feel that I am really freakish though -Freakish enough to have a news article, anyway. I don't really understand the difference between them and going on a strict diet? I'm just living here. Just living and trying not to collapse as I walk up flights of stairs.


Um, okay, that didn't work very well. The only thing that stayed the same was breakfast!

Breakfast ~ Bagel, fake bacon,cheese Calories 165

Snack ~ Pudding cup Calories 90

Lunch ~ Fresh summer rolls Calories 256
Sauce Calories 200

Dinner ~ Chicken Bites Calories 150
Corn Calories 180
Eggs w/ ketchup Calories 130
Ice Cream Calories 100

Snack ~ Pretzels Calories 100

Total for the Day ~ 1,371

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