Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Breakfast ~ Iced Coffee Calories 50

Lunch ~ 100 cal Popcorn Calories 100
1 cookie Calories 150

Dinner ~

Total for the day ~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breakfast ~ granola bar & iced coffee Calories 150

Lunch ~ Leftover chicken Calories 120
1 cookie Calories 150
Jello Calories 20

Dinner ~
Breakfast ~ granola bar & iced coffee Calories 150

Lunch ~ Leftover chicken Calories 120
Popcorn Calories 100
Jello Calories 20

Dinner ~

Monday, February 9, 2009

Breakfast ~ Energy Drink (Ewwwwwwwwww) Calories 5
Tea with splash of 1% milk Calories 20

Lunch ~ Soup, crackers, granola bar Calories 300

Dinner ~ Chicken with mushroms & onion Calories 250
mixed veggies Calories 120
fruit salad Calories 250
pickle Calories 5
gum Calories 10

Total for the day ~ 960

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breakfast ~ Energy Drink. YUCK Calories 5

Lunch ~ Teeeeny bowl of lasagna Calories 220
Crackers Calories 140
V8 Calories 70

Dinner ~ Chicken breast Calories 225
Fruit Salad Calories 200
Tomatoes Calories 100
Gum Calories 5

Total for the Day ~ 965

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Breakfast ~ Iced coffee Calories 50
PB crackers Calories 140

Lunch ~ Tomato Soup Calories 225
Cashews Calories 170
Gum Calories 10

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay. Yesterday I started out strong... Very strong. But J and I got into a fight right before dinner, so I drove off in a huff and stuffed myself with a burrito from Chipotle and some gross chips & salsa. I really need to get back into my diet, I have been really bad lately.

Breakfast ~ Cream of Wheat Calories 100

Lunch ~ Fresh summer rolls Calories 256
Sauce Calories 250

Dinner ~ Chicken(estimated)Calories 360
1 piece bread Calories 150
100 cal oreo Calories 100
Gum Calories 10

Total for the Day ~ 1,226

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back on the Wagon!

I'm back! Now, I have to confess - from Thursday to Sunday I ate WAY more calories than I should have. BUT... I don't think that I gained much (if any) weight. Though of course I didn't lose any either haha! But now I'm back on track "just like 10 yard fight".

Breakfast ~ Iced coffee Calories 50
Hershey Mix Calories 100

Lunch ~ Tomato Soup Calories 225
Popcorn Calories 100
1 cookie Calories 50

Dinner ~

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jury Duty Tursday

Well, I have jury duty on Thursday, so I guess I don't be counting calories or checking in here. I'll try to be good though. Really, really good.
Breakfast ~ Iced Tea Calories 230

Lunch ~mini bagels Calories 100
1/2 slice cheese Calories 25
fake bacon Calories 40
Lite Mayo Calories 20
Crackers Calories 100

Dinner ~Soup with fake egg Calories 330
Pretzels Calories 100
Ice Cream Cup Calories 100
Gum Calories 5

Total for the Day ~ 1,050

Monday, January 26, 2009

So I had a thought tonight... Shut up! I have lots of thoughts! Oh, sorry. I'm used to defending myself at home and work against seemily witty sarcasm :)

I was thinking... Maybe I should try and plan some of my meals the day before, so I can cut out some calories before I have even eaten anything. For example, I might be so hungry as I am making the food I will make more than I need... Or put on extra condiments. So tomorrow I have already made my breakfast and lunch!

So I haven't planned dinner yet, but I am thinking that it might involve some fake eggs :)

I don't know if this is a good plan yet or not. But I think that my delicious bagel sandwich for 165 calories will be a lot better than the peanut butter crackers that I usually eat for breakfast, though the crackers are 15 calories less.

It's funny -- I don't know if any members of PBS are reading this blog - I know a few have checked it out, but I don't think that they are regular readers. Yesterday someone posted a link in the forum about "The Skinnies" people who eat heavily calorie restricted diets. I followed a link a few post later, and it was an artice about a person who lived a severely calorie restricted diet for a couple of months.

Honestly, from what was said in the article, I am eating about the same amount of calories as them, and sometimes less. I don't feel that I am really freakish though -Freakish enough to have a news article, anyway. I don't really understand the difference between them and going on a strict diet? I'm just living here. Just living and trying not to collapse as I walk up flights of stairs.


Um, okay, that didn't work very well. The only thing that stayed the same was breakfast!

Breakfast ~ Bagel, fake bacon,cheese Calories 165

Snack ~ Pudding cup Calories 90

Lunch ~ Fresh summer rolls Calories 256
Sauce Calories 200

Dinner ~ Chicken Bites Calories 150
Corn Calories 180
Eggs w/ ketchup Calories 130
Ice Cream Calories 100

Snack ~ Pretzels Calories 100

Total for the Day ~ 1,371
Breakfast ~ Coffee with milk Calories 50
PB Crackers Calories 140

Lunch ~ Granola bar Calories 100
popcorn Calories 100

Snack ~ Sugar-free Jello Calories 10

Dinner ~ 2 mini bagels Calories 200
1 slice cheese Calories 50
4 slices fake bacon Calories 80
Mayo Calories 100
Asparagus Calories 60

Dessert Ice Cream cup Calories 100
Gum Calories 5

Total for the Day ~ 995

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lunch ~ 2 slices cheese pizza Calories 580

Dinner ~ Mushroom alfredo noodles Calories 580 <- Yikes!
Ketchup Calories 45

Total for the Day ~ 1,205

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lunch ~ Hot Dog Calories 170
Cottage Cheese Calories 120
Ketchup Calories 30
Pretzels Calories 100

Dinner ~ Soup with fake egg Calories 330
Corn Calories 180
Ice Cream Cup Calories 100

Total for the Day ~ 1,030

Okay, now I have a story to tell. It's really not a nice story, but it's true, and it's what's on my mind as I am typing this.

My husband's birthday was a week ago, and I got him "The Iron Gym" As seen on TV!! And if you were to read the box or the reviews, you would know that this things has a 300 pound weight limit.

Well, I was playing around on it today, and J said "What are you doing? That thing has a weight limit you know! How much do you weigh these days?" And I thought he was joking around, because even though I am kind of fat, I am nowhere NEAR 300 pounds. I'm not even 200 pounds.So I jokingly say "A lot!" and he says really seriously "No, really, how much do you weigh? You are going to break it." And of course I am shocked, and I say " It's things like that that make girls anorexic." and I leave the room, go into my bedroom, and slam the door. And cry for about 45 minutes.

I mean, you see what I am eating, and the amount of calories. I have been doing this for 3 weeks now - I feel like if I ate any less to lose weight faster I might collapse. I am so hungry and have a headache almost all of the time. It's rough.

Of course he has apologized five or six times, got me tissues when I was bawling on the floor, and brought me a Diet Pepsi - But it still freaking hurts. Does he really see me as weighing over the 300 pound weight limit? At my absolute heaviest I was 185 pounds. That's only 20 pounds more than he weighs right now, and he doesn't seem to be in any danger of breaking his new "toy".

He really hurt my feelings, and I'm not sure if it makes me feel like dropping the diet and eating everything in sight --- I'll show him what 300 pounds looks like. Or if ut makes me feel like eating absolutely nothing, and when I collapse of malnutrition then maybe he will feel as badly as I feel right now, knowing that it was his fault.

But I guess I will choose to do nothing, and just try and keep to my diet as much as possible.

I actually got a compliment today -- I am a member of a message board, and I met one of the members in person for the first time yesterday. Today people on the board were asking for opinions on the Wii Fit, and my response was:

I have a Wii and Wii Fit... I used the Fit a lot at first, but now it's mostly collecting dust. Oh, and I use it as a scale. However I am fat and lazy, a more energetic person might get more fun for their money.

And this person was nice enough to chime in with:

Um, you are NOT at all fat...

Which is aparently not true, according to my husband... But it was nice for them to say that, and it made me smile a little after my bad afternoon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breakfast ~ Peanut Butter Crackers Calories 140

Lunch ~ Fresh summer rolls Calories 256
Sauce Calories 200

Dinner ~ Roast Beef sub Calories 390
Doritos <--BAD BAD! Calories 250
Pretzels Calories 100
Gum Calories 10

Total for the Day ~ 1,346 <-- Wow. I guess I won't be losing any weight today! At least I am being honest with myself!!! Oh, and of course, since tomorrow is "FREE FRIDAY" I won't be posting any calorie-counts. I'm not sure where the boys and I will be going for lunch, but you can bet I won't be eating a salad!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breakfast ~ Cream of Wheat made with water Calories ~ 100
Iced Coffee with milk & Splenda Calories ~ 50

Lunch ~ Lean Cuisine flatbread Pizza Calories ~ 340

Dinner ~ Asparagus Calories ~ 60
Corn Calories ~ 120
Chicken Calories ~ 130

Snack ~ Jello Calories ~ 10
Pretzels Calories ~ 100

Dessert ~ Ice Cream cup Calories ~ 100

Total for the Day ~ 1,010

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Breakfast ~ cashews Calories ~ 170

Lunch ~ Chicken Soup Calories ~ 150
2 tiny carrot cakes Calories ~ 66

Snack ~ Candy Cane Calories ~ 50

Dinner ~ Fake Eggs with cheese Calories ~ 140
Asparagus Calories ~ 60
Ketchup Calories ~ 60
Dessert Calories ~ 200
Drink Calories ~ 15

Total for Day ~ 911