Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lunch ~ Hot Dog Calories 170
Cottage Cheese Calories 120
Ketchup Calories 30
Pretzels Calories 100

Dinner ~ Soup with fake egg Calories 330
Corn Calories 180
Ice Cream Cup Calories 100

Total for the Day ~ 1,030

Okay, now I have a story to tell. It's really not a nice story, but it's true, and it's what's on my mind as I am typing this.

My husband's birthday was a week ago, and I got him "The Iron Gym" As seen on TV!! And if you were to read the box or the reviews, you would know that this things has a 300 pound weight limit.

Well, I was playing around on it today, and J said "What are you doing? That thing has a weight limit you know! How much do you weigh these days?" And I thought he was joking around, because even though I am kind of fat, I am nowhere NEAR 300 pounds. I'm not even 200 pounds.So I jokingly say "A lot!" and he says really seriously "No, really, how much do you weigh? You are going to break it." And of course I am shocked, and I say " It's things like that that make girls anorexic." and I leave the room, go into my bedroom, and slam the door. And cry for about 45 minutes.

I mean, you see what I am eating, and the amount of calories. I have been doing this for 3 weeks now - I feel like if I ate any less to lose weight faster I might collapse. I am so hungry and have a headache almost all of the time. It's rough.

Of course he has apologized five or six times, got me tissues when I was bawling on the floor, and brought me a Diet Pepsi - But it still freaking hurts. Does he really see me as weighing over the 300 pound weight limit? At my absolute heaviest I was 185 pounds. That's only 20 pounds more than he weighs right now, and he doesn't seem to be in any danger of breaking his new "toy".

He really hurt my feelings, and I'm not sure if it makes me feel like dropping the diet and eating everything in sight --- I'll show him what 300 pounds looks like. Or if ut makes me feel like eating absolutely nothing, and when I collapse of malnutrition then maybe he will feel as badly as I feel right now, knowing that it was his fault.

But I guess I will choose to do nothing, and just try and keep to my diet as much as possible.

I actually got a compliment today -- I am a member of a message board, and I met one of the members in person for the first time yesterday. Today people on the board were asking for opinions on the Wii Fit, and my response was:

I have a Wii and Wii Fit... I used the Fit a lot at first, but now it's mostly collecting dust. Oh, and I use it as a scale. However I am fat and lazy, a more energetic person might get more fun for their money.

And this person was nice enough to chime in with:

Um, you are NOT at all fat...

Which is aparently not true, according to my husband... But it was nice for them to say that, and it made me smile a little after my bad afternoon.

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