Monday, January 19, 2009

Dieting Disaster!

*Sigh* Well, J's birthday weekend was definitely a "Dieting Disaster" for me. I went into it strong, but by Saturday I was eating everything in sight :(

So here I am, it's Monday, and I'm starting fresh! And I also was thinking - I seem to be eating almost the same thing every day, it must get pretty boring for anyone else to read. So here's a cute picture! It's just the whale and birds from when goes down for a break, but I always thought it was adorable. I'll try to find something better next time.

Breakfast ~ Iced Coffee Calories ~ 50
PB Crackers Calories ~ 140

Lunch ~ Soup at Hand, tomato Calories ~ 120
2 snack pack of crackers Calories ~ 200

Snack ~ Jello Sugar-free cup Calories ~ 10

Dinner ~ Chicken Patties Calories ~ 260
Corn on the cob Calories ~ 180
Cookie Pack Calories ~ 100

Total for the Day ~ 1,060

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