Thursday, January 15, 2009

1/2 Bad today

Well, today's calorie count will be a little different...

Breakfast ~ coffee & PB crackers Calories ~ 150

Lunch ~ Fresh summer rolls Calories 256
Sauce Calories 200

But for dinner I won't be counting my calories. My Hubby's birthday is tomorrow, and tonight we are doing a "mini-celebration" by ordering pizza and wings. Saturday will be his real party with the whole family, so I won't be counting on Saturday afternoon, either!

I will definitely try to be sensible about it, though. I am thinking that I might just eat some wings, and no pizza. Who knows. Please god of the diets, give me strength to resist too many tasty things. I just have to remember... This probably won't be my last meal of pizza and wings, so I don't have to overdo it - I could order them every night if I wanted to! I just have to remember that I don't want to - I would rather eat lower calorie foods. Er, at least I am trying to convince myself of that :)

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