Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 3

Breakfast ~ Crackers (4 peanut butter) Calories 140
Drink (energy Fizz) Calories 10

Lunch ~ Soup Chicken Noodle Calories 200
Crackers (from Japan) Calories 50
Cookie (from the Netherlands) Calories 50

Dinner ~ Chicken/rice Healthy Choice Calories 380
Cottage Cheese w/ tomato Calories 150
Cookie (Oreo 3-pac Calories 100

Total for the day ~ 1,080

WOW! I am pretty proud of myself so far. I have managed to write down everything I ate and come record it. I guess it wasn't that much of a feat, since I am not eating very much :)

I still really don't have a set goal of calories for the day, but "in my mind" I am trying to hit somewhere near 1,000. When I used to diet back in high school and my early 20s, 1,000 was always my calorie goal for the day. I was seriously strict about it, and it was a lot harder to do then, because now they have a lot of really good 100 Calorie snack packs.

Today after work I went to Stop & Shop, and they are having some really great deals on diet-type food:

Progresso Soups are 10/$10
Nabisco 100 Snack Packs are 2/$4
Lean Cuisines are 6/$12 !! That's a pretty good deal.

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