Thursday, July 10, 2008


My favorite place to thrift in my town is the Salvation Army! A long time ago when I lived in New Jersey (1999-2002) I worked at a Salvation Army. Everything about that job was great except for the pay! I worked in the back taking donations from people, sorted them, priced them, and put them on the shelf. Originally I was hired to price clothing, but I found the "things" to be more interesting, and since I had a great boss she let me do pretty much what I wanted. We had "volunteers" to wheel the clothes out and put them on the racks. The volunteers were men from the Salvation Amy alcohol rehabilitation program. They lived in men's dorms there, and were bussed to the store every morning for forced volunteering. You might think that these guys would have been a little creepy to work with, but that wasn't the case at all! They were really nice, and never did anything that made me uncomfortable. That's saying a lot, because I am easily made uncomfortable. Anyway, I know that the Salvation Army does great things for people down on their luck, and I am very happy to support them.
There are some other great thrift stores in the Boston area, but I find them to be more expensive than the SA, and some of them are really difficult to find parking close enough to the store. I always feel dumb carrying giant bags of used clothing down the sidewalk, so I try to park close.
I find yard sales to be hit-or-miss with great things to re-sell, but sometimes you can get lucky and find a church sale with clothes for $10 per bag. I actually hit one of these 2 weekends ago, but unfortunately the parishioners of this church weren't very trendy so I wasn't able to get many good things.

Anyway, I have some really good things ending on Ebay tonight!!

22,000 PERLER/HAMA/activity/melt/fuse beads +1 pegboard
At $24.50 with 10 bids!

BBW bath body works SUN RIPENED RASPBERRY body wash 8oz
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