Thursday, July 17, 2008


Who loves IKEA???? Everyone I have ever met!

Last night after work I took the looonngggg and traffic-filled journey to Stoughton, MA to visit the 'kea. I got there shortly before closing, but luckily had enough time to visit the cafe and have some of the meatballs with that delicious, mysterious loodenberry sauce. YUM.
After shoveling down the meatballs I took a quick tour of the kids section-- last time I was there they had big stuffed octopus, and I was hoping to pick up a friend for the one I already bought, perhaps in a different color. It wasn't in the cards though - they still had the octopus, but only in blue, the same one that I already have.
It was on to the bathroom accessories section after that, I picked up a few shower curtain liners, and I was also going to get a new outer curtain, but they were out of stock in the one that I liked :( So far the only part I enjoyed about my visit was the meatballs!
Luckily on my way out I had to go though the lighting section, and it reminded me to get one of those light sockets on a cord, for a hanging lamp. I had gotten the MOST ADORABLE hanging light with koi fish on it at the mall the other day but neglected to get a cord. Until now.
I also picked up a small table for hubby to put his Xbox 360 on, but when I got home he didn't like it! He said it was too big... and too pink.
On the way home I came about 5 feet from death. I was on a backroad, going about 40. There was a smaller road off to the side with a stopsign, and a big van came barreling up to it, not stopping or even SLOWING. I started trying to break and swerve into the other lane, leaning on the horn-- The idiot finally realized he was supposed to stop, and we both came to a screetching, swerving halt in the middle of the road. He got more horn and a finger as I drove off, trying to stop my heart from beating out of my chest.

On to the auctions!
BOSTON RED SOX Bosox kids/youth jersey 12-14 med/medium
Kids Red Sox jersey ends this evening, and is at $2.95

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