Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Library book sales

You know what I love?? Book sales at the library!!!!!

The last library book sale that I went to was at the Bedford Public Library-- In Bedford, of course! They had the great idea of $10 bags of books. Anything you could stuff into a paper grocery bag was yours for $10, and that included the CDs, videos, and magazines, too. I was able to get a full bag of Sci-Fi and horror books, some of them quite rare. If I had been smarter, I think that I would have grabbed more than one bag full!

The book sale that I went to previously to the Bedford one was in Somerville. I got some good things there, too, but they were selling the books seperately instead of by the bag. I don't like it when they do it that way because I am less likely to take a chance on getting a book if I don't know if it's rare or not. I was however able to get a book called "Knitting Without Tears" for $ .50, and I made my craftster.com swap partner very happy. She seemed happy anyway!!!

I'll wrap this up with an auction, of course!

STALKERS edited by Gorman Currently at $1.95, and includes a short story by my personal favorite, RICHARD LAYMON!

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