Monday, July 14, 2008

New Thift Store!!

Have you ever been to Savers? I took a trip there this weekend, if you're in the Boston area, it's located in West Roxbury. I got a few books and some other assorted stuff, but the *best* find there was their flyer! It turns out that there is a NEW Savers opening in Danvers, MA on July 31st!!! That's good news to me, because I am more comfortable driving to Danvers than West Roxbury, and also my Toyota dealer is really close by, so maybe I can hit the Savers when my car gets it's servicing! YAY! When I was at Savers I picked up a few things for auction...

kids/youth shortie wetsuit black/green s/small Deep See Brand

Currently at $4.95, ends July 20th

Colorfusion Festival Flameless Color Candle SKULL

Currently at $3.95, ends July 20th.

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